We are a group of Artists from around Western Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, all dedicated to passing on the fine art of Porcelain Painting.

We have an active committee and organization, inviting guest speakers to our fine art of Porcelain Painting meetings. Running new and innovative workshops with accredited teachers for members and friends.  We also set up displays and ‘sales of work’ in shopping centres and various other venues to bring our Art before the public.

Our bi-annual Regional Exhibition is always popular and an invitation to attend can be requested by emailing echofarming@bigpond.com with your name and postal details, your correspondence will be acknowledged and name added to our mailing list.  Alternately you can use the contact page within this site.

Anyone with an interest in the fine art of Porcelain Painting may apply to become a “FRIEND” of our group.  You will be invited to any special guest speakers we are having as well as a discount should you want to attend any workshops we hold for a small annual fee.  Anyone interested please enquire through the Contact Us page addressing your message to the President.

 ~ Any images within this web site carry the copyright of the artist and may not be used, wholly or partly in any form or for any purpose without written permission of the owner. ~

You may contact any of the artists through the contact us page.