Events – 2017

President Audrey Rayner and guest artist Clotilde Ruegg

16th Australasian Exhibition and Convention

Art on Porcelain Cruise


Thank you, thank you,  thank you.  Well our time is done, we feel and have received congratulations from many who participated, for a time well spent, for an experience that was most enjoyable.

There were a couple of our people who did not weather the sea on one or two days but all in all the fore thought with the smaller items of the porcelain was indeed a success as there were no breakages.  Mind you my husband wasn’t impressed when I asked him to accompany me to the exhibition area at 3 am one morning to lay down any suspect pieces, but no worries all was well.

With the help of family, friends and students our members and members from several regions we were able to pull off this Exhibition, the Schools and Demonstrations with the minimum of fuss.  Without the support of Treasurer Glenys Geary and my daughter Donna Renfree the Sales of over $10,000 would not have been so smooth.  Stalwart Gwen Burgess and her daughter Beth were marvellous in the raffles for most days and helped raise a further substantial sum.  The schools on board were well received and support from Judy Seymour and Denise Jones for the firing was really great.  We had a further school at Mandurah.  Peter and Harun as well as Clotilde and Mario thoroughly enjoyed their cruise and our Western Australian hospitality.  They are looking forward to coming to Australia again one day.

The demonstrations were well supported thanks to Ruth Robartson’s management. And our appreciation to Ron Geary and Ken Pike for their handling of the video and sound equipment, without it the demonstrations could not have been as good.  Ken will be looking at preparing a disc of these demonstrations but he has now returned to work, so the timing of this being available is uncertain.

The Celebration Dinner with the beautiful gifts so artistically organised by Connie Risbey and her students with some help from members helped to make this a memorable experience.

The staff on board the ‘Astor’ were second to none and truly assisted in any request.  The auction for Breast Cancer Research raised over $2000 our sincere thanks to donors Connie Risbey, Barbara Cronin, Kaye Hurn, Peter Faust, Clotilde Ruegg, Lisa Kos and Louise Bosschieter.

My sincere thanks to the Western Australian girls who helped especially our Open Medium Reporter Barbara Cronin, you have all done a marvellous job, thank you so much.

Audrey Rayner