Lessons – Gold

Observations and Comparisons on use of 2 products, Fools Gold (powder) and premixed Gold Metallic product by Thais Antunes from Brazil.

FOOLS GOLD metallic powder has stronger depth of colour than the older, original metallics. Also available are Fools Copper and Rosy Red and all 3 are inter-mixable. Can be mixed with Water Based Medium (WBM) or any oil.

My preferred method when sponging is WBM as unused mix, left on tile, can be reconstituted with water and used later.

Sponging – Mix Fools Gold with WBM and thin to a sponging consistency. Type of sponge used will depend on what effect you wish to achieve – large holed car and dish washing, sea sponge to name a few are effective for stamping.

Use a moderate thick application and dip into paint each time. Sponge piece can be washed in soap and water or left with remaining paint to dry in a dust free box. Moisten with water for reuse.

Fire hot 800-820 Celsius. Firing doesn’t alter the appearance. Metallic sits on the surface of china. If surface is very rough, a gentle rub with sanding film helps. Looks good over white china and spectacular over dark colours of black, dark brown and red. Covers imperfections in painting, grounding, lustre or porcelain surface. Not food safe.

Brush – difficult to paint with in normal way because of metallic particles. Thin a little and use a fan brush in long or crisscross strokes for amazing effects.

Mixed with OIL – use your favourite oil and try the above effects. Any unused mixture with dry hard on palette and will not reconstitute.

Dry Grounding. These metallic paints give a solid covering. Too much paint can cause build up – try 2 thinner groundings instead. Fire hot to avoid grounding rubbing off.

Fired grounding can have design painted on top (red poppies), silhouette (palm trees), penwork or can be shaded as in dynamic sunsets.

Similar product is Thais Antune’s Metallic Gold(Bright or Rich)

Her product comes in a nozzled squeezy bottle, pre mixed with her own water based medium. If mix thickens in bottle, add water and shake.

Uses – Nozzle applicator allows for dots, flowing lines, outlining etc. Mix can be put out onto tile, thinned if necessary and used as described previously with coarse sponge etc. Any unused product can be returned to bottle. Instructions on bottle say fire 820 to 850C. Experiment.

Results: Thais’s product fired with a delightful filigree pattern and was more delicate than the Fools Gold result.

Both products look similar but give different results and are available from Sandra at Gold Coast China, in Queensland.

  • Website: www.goldcoastchina.com.au
  • Email: Sandra@goldcoastchina.com.au
  • Phone (07) 5597 0849